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Split-Casing Fire Pumps

Split-Casing Fire Pumps

SMi is listed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for manufacturing horizontal single stage, double suction, between bearing centrifugal pump with flow ranges from 300 US GPM up to 7500 US GPM and a pressure more than 300 PSI.

Design Features:

  • Pump Casing
  • The casing is axially split design for easier assembly and disassembly. The design permits the inspection and replacement of internal components without having to remove the casing from the piping. The casing is made of fine-grain ductile iron equipped with integrated support feet.

  • Impeller
  • Enclosed, double suction type cast in one piece. The impeller is dynamically balanced to ISO1940 and hydraulically balanced through the double suction. The impeller is positively locked to the shaft by key.

  • Wearing Rings
  • The pump is fitted with renewable type front and rear wearing rings to maintain proper running clearance between impeller's hubs.

  • Shaft Seal
  • Soft-packed stuffing box. Cooling lines are provided for additional cooling of the gland packing.