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We are one of the major players in the region in terms of our manufacturing abilities, talent capabilities, knowledge and experience. We strictly apply Quality Assurance & Control Policies

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The company modern purpose-built factory with the strong technical base has enabled it to integrate its manufacturing capability from raw materials to a growing range of precision engineered products serving different industries and in various specifications.

  • Closed joint stock Saudi company.
  • Fully Integrated Manufacturing facilities.
  • Casting Capacity of 40,000 Metric ton per annum.
  • 60% - 70% of production is exported to USA & Europe.

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About SMI

SMi is world-class precision manufacturing company, offering a comprehensive service with emphasis on total customer satisfaction. With a dedicated and experienced team of skilled personnel, we provide an efficient service to achieve the required specification and quality set by our customers.
  A Firefighting system is among the most important components of building services, as its aim to protect life and property.
Water based Firefighting techniques and equipment are the most common Firefighting systems which consists of large tanks, pumping system network of pipes and hydrants or sprinklers. Since pumps are the most critical equipment in a Firefighting system, several approvals have to be gained to certify any pump for fire services. The most commonly used approvals are UL and FM.
SMi Fire pumps are listed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and approved by Factory Mutual (FM). The range includes vertical turbine, end suction and split casing pump and complete industrial package fire pump sets in both 50 and 60 Hz.
SMi Fire pumps utilize the latest technologies in hydraulic design with almost 40+ years of experience in the pumps manufacturing and applications.
SMi is an ISO 9001/2015 certificated company and complies with the requirements of the international specifications and standards like AWWA, Hydraulic Institute, NFPA20, UL and FM.

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Values

To be a leading local manufacturer and reliable partner providing engineered products and solutions to our customers.

Supporting the socio-economic development of the Kingdom.

  • Enhance local content through technology transfer and human capital development.
  • Contribute to the development of Oil & Gas, Water and upcoming industrial initiatives.

Manufacturer of engineered metal products and provider of solutions to our customers.

  • Exceed customer expectations through partnerships, high quality and timely delivery.
  • Focus on operational excellence in the manufacturing of engineered products.

Involved proactively with our key stakeholders.

  • Care for our employees, community and the environment.
  • Maximize shareholder value through innovation and effective resource utilization.


  • Be reliable and add value to our customers.


  • Trust our employees to make the right decisions.


  • Show transparency in everything we do.


  • Operate professionally, safely and effectively.


  • Deliver through cooperation and team work.