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End Suction Fire Pumps

End Suction Fire Pumps

SMi is listed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for manufacturing end suction pump with flow range from 100 US GPM up to 750 US GPM. and a pressure more than 200 PSI.

Design Features:

  • Pump Casing
  • The casing is back pull-out design to allow pulling out the internal components (rotating parts) for inspection and/or replacement without disturbing the pipe work. The volute is made of fine- grain cast iron as per ASTM A48 specification equipped with integrated support feet.

  • Impeller
  • Enclosed, single suction type cast in one piece. The impeller is dynamically balanced to ISO1940 and hydraulically balanced through the thrust holes on impeller suction. The impeller is keyed to shaft and held in lateral position between the sleeve and the nut.

  • Wearing Rings
  • The pump is fitted with renewable type casing and impeller wearing rings to maintain proper running clearance and to minimize the leakage between the suction and discharge chambers.

  • Shaft Seal
  • TWINNER SYSTEM® sealing is made of soft-packed stuffing box with graphite impregnated rings. The gland is made of two halves that greatly facilitates the replacing operation of the soft packing without the need to disassemble any component. The stuffing box is fitted with lantern rings to improve the cooling and lubrication of the shaft