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Reciprocating Pumps

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RDP Reciprocating Pumps

The RDP range is a series of Reciprocating Plunger Pumps in a variety of sizes in Triplex and Quintuplex formats and designed in accordance with the latest edition of API 674 and ISO 13710 for high pressure applications.

Operation limits

Capacity up to 366.50 m³/h (1611 gpm)

Pipe Size 25 to 200 mm (1 to 8 in)

Maximum Pressure up to 1100 barg

Temperature -40 to 200 °C (-104 to 392 °F)

Speed up to 450 rpm

Applications Methanol Injection, Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Glycol Circulation, Sea Water Injection, Produced Water Disposal, Reverse Osmosis (seawater desalination), Water Treatment, Production and Jetting, Hydrocarbon (Condensate), Closed Drain Pumps, Slops Injection, Boiler Feed, Fertiliser (Carbamate & Ammonia), Steel Plants (high pressure descaling), Blow Out Preventer (BOPV) actuation, Flowline Circulation, Pipeline Pigging, Synthetic and Renewable fuels.

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