• Second Industrial City, Street No. 234 Riyadh
  • +966 11 265 1979

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• Precision CNC Turning and Milling Lathes.

• Horizontal Machining Centers.

• Variaxis Machining Centers with 5-Axis control.

• Tooling Management Systems.

• Jigs manufacturing and fixtures.

• Steel Shaft Cold-Finishing production line.

• Porcelain Enameling for Iron parts.

• Pipe, Tube and Shaft Threading Plant.

• Plazma and Oxy-Fuel cutting machine for steel fabrication.

• Pump Testing Facility.

• Pattern Design and Pattern Making.

• Ferrous and Non-ferrous sand casting foundries.

• Continuous Casting of bronze bars.

• Vertical Coordinate Measuring Machine.

• QC laboratories for mechanical, chemical and dimensional inspection.

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